Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm scared of writing!

Hello there!

Well this is my first attempt at blogging but it has been recommended to me as a cure for insomnia by giving myself somewhere to vent all the things that fly around my head at warp speed and keep me awake at night.

By things, I mean strange thoughts and ideas, what some people would call a writers essentials. For the last few weeks my sleep pattern has been disrupted, not only by the usual rubbish of work and life, but by elements and seeds of stories. And the reason they are still flying around my head at warp speed, is because I haven't had the nerve yet to write them down.
I believe Jessamyn West is quoted as having said "Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely essential".
Well, apparently I have talent for story creation, I'm working on the actual writing talent, and I guess this is a step towards developing the guts to write my stories.

I've always had stories of some description in my head. But the last few years, it's been like there is less and less room for me in my own mind. I'm a sound engineer by trade, but the novel and the 4 short stories currently residing in my brain have forced me to abandon my only current sound design project because there is no room for it anymore. The show the design is for is growing and changing and evolving, and naturally the sound design needs to grow and change and evolve with it. But I'm stuck. So bye-bye sound design.

On the wall above my desk is a little photo frame with an affirmation that I typed out on my type writer. (If you can't read it please let me know and I'll transcribe it here!)

I'm hoping this will help me to just get on with it and write down everything that is in my head. By the way, you may have spotted on that affirmation that I put AKA Merchant, which is also the name in my URL. The reason for this is that Merchant was my mum's maiden name, and she had to write as well, as does her sister, and as did her father before them. I don't know if the writing bug goes back any further on that side of the family, but writing under their surname is something of a salute to 3 great influences in my life.

So, I think the plan is that every now and then I might post some of my short stories and various bits and pieces on here. I apologise in advance for any rants that may occur, there will probably be a few. Right now, I'm going to attempt to edit some of my old work now that I have a better understanding of a few things, thanks to various Dummies Guide's to writing and other articles.

Good night folks, and enjoy the last little bit of your weekend.

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  1. Yay Jo! Can't wait to read some (more) of your bits and pieces.



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