Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"The Future Holds..." Series

Good Evening Folks

I just thought I'd pop in and tell you a little bit about the series of short stories I'm going to attempt to write this week. At the moment, I am calling it "The Future Holds..." series, and they're all little bits of pretty fluff about where my life could lead in the next 5 years. They have very little basis in reality, but I need to start writing again.

For the last few months I've been in a reading rut. Since I finally managed to put the fanfiction down (yes I'm a geek, but it's sooooo good!) for more than 10 minutes I've just been thirsty for real reading material. Not that fanfiction isn't real and lots of fun. Some of the writers are pretty awesome at what they do in fact, the likes of GL Dartt, Sazzy and Tracy Renee Cook have me enthralled for hours, as well as distracted at work, and they've taught me a lot about writing.

But as I said, I've finally managed to ween myself away from all that, I've spent the last 6 months reading non-stop. I am so glad I do a lot of long bus and tube journeys!

In those six months I have read:
     The Liveship Trilogy by Robin Hobb
     All five Sarah Waters novels
     Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton
     Jack Tar by Roy and Lesley Adkins
     Life Among The Pirates by David Cordingly
     Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
     Writing Fiction For Dummies by Randy Ingermason and Peter Economy

Any idea's yet what the novel I'm planning might be about??? But despite having read all that, I've got several books still on the go:
     Trafalgar by Roy Adkins
     Post Captain by Patrick O'Brian
     Writing A Novel And Getting It Published For Dummies by George Green and Lizzy Kremer
     Creative Writing For Dummies by Maggie Hammand
     Story by Robert McKee
     The Sea Rover's Practice by Benerson Little

You might think it's just a little ridiculous trying to read all those books at once, and looking at the list now I have to agree with you, but I'm loving it. Everything I read clicks something plot-wise into place or makes a character more real or throws a new problem in the way of my protagonist.
All I have to do now is start actually writing all those down so I don't loose them.

So anyway, back to the shorts series...My plan is to write one story per day and then edit it the next day after writing the next story. So hopefully late tomorrow or early thursday, I should be able to post the first one, called simply "Felicity".
Time to quit waffling and go write.

Have a good evening everyone.